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AgInnovators is published by NSW Farmers, the peak industry representative body for agriculture in the state of New South Wales, Australia.  Launched in mid-2014, AgInnovators has grown to be a leading channel for inspirational communications and educational material about the future of agribusiness.  Its content includes news, feature articles, case studies and videos. In addition, the 'projects' section provides detailed resources on topics such as renewable energy, new markets, digital technology and sustainable production, which have been developed through collaborations with our supporters

This is an exciting and turbulent time for agribusiness. New technologies are being developed and applied at every point in the value chain. At the same time, global thinking is evolving about how we can produce food and fibre more sustainably as the world's population grows towards a projected 9.6 billion by 2050.  A linking theme across Aginnovators content is that all branches of the industry, in every nation, share the same resource-constrained world and are striving to minimise inputs of energy, water and agrichemicals.

Many of the innovation frontiers in agriculture involve digital technology and disruptive supply chain models.  In future, for example, most primary producers in Australia, whether they operate broadacre or high-tech indoor facilities, will be optimising production processes using sensor tech and automation, and supplying digital data along with physical goods to inform compliance, authentication and marketing processes. Right-angle benefits of instrumenting farms and supply chains include reduced wastage, better understanding of environmental constraints and improved consumer visibility and choice.

A related frontier is the nexus between food and medicine and research exploring how production practice and upstream processes in the food industry impact nutritional values and health outcomes for consumers.  

Content is organised so it can be viewed by theme - for eg 'sustainability', 'digital technology';  'energy', business and marketing';' food and nutrition'.  The 'projects' section of the portal is where to find specific extension resources  - for example, technical advice on energy efficiency and renewable energy in agriculture. 

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David Eyre
General Manager, Research and Innovation, NSW Farmers

Contributors and editorial policy

In addition to orginal news and educational material, AgInnovators publishes or digests content from many sources, including surveys, reports and scientific studies conducted by peak research bodies and institutions.  AgInnovators is a not-for-profit initiative and does not carry advertorial content.