VegNET: Managing Soil-borne Disease farm walk & ‘Digital Farmhand’ demo

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On Friday 23 June 2017, VegNET NSW is hosting a free lunch, farm walk and robotics demonstration at the Greater Sydney Sydney Demonstration Farm near Richmond, north-west of Sydney, to bring vegetable growers up to speed on the latest regional research findings on managing soil-borne diseases, and show how some of these findings are being implemented in the field at the Demonstration Farm.

The event will begin with a short but sociable lunch from 12 to 12.30pm, followed by a two-hour farm walk-and-talk from 12.30-2.30pm, and a practical demonstration of the Australian Centre for Field Robotics’ new ‘digital farmhand’ robot in action - with the opportunity to talk about it with ACFR project officer Nathan Apps - from 2.30-3.30pm.

Key R&D findings for vegie growers

During the farm walk, participants will learn about:

  •  the latest research findings pertaining to soil-borne disease management and control options;
  •  the exotic pest plant biosecurity update;
  • VegNET’s free glovebox guide to managing pests and disorders in brassicas;
  • the Veg Pest ID App; and
  • how to grow your vegetable business through VegNET.

A real ladybird, predators of aphids, thrips, moth eggs and mites, is one way to control some common brassica pests.
A real ladybird, predator of aphids, thrips, moth eggs and mites: one way to control some common brassica pests.
Pil, Flickr CC

The workshop and robotics demo will be presented by four experts in their respective fields.

RSVPs and further information

To RSVP for the farm walk and robotics demo, contact Renee Pearson on 02 4724 2121 by 21 June.

For further information, contact Matthew Plunkett on 0428 978 390 or email

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About VegNET

The Australian vegetable industry and Hort Innovation have funded 235 separate research or development projects in the past decade, with researchers making great progress in developing and testing new methods for pest and disease control, post-harvest handling, soil health, biosecurity, crop agronomy, nutrition, irrigation, health and nutrition, and more.

The role of VegNET is to impart the important and useful findings from all this research findings to Australian growers.

More than 600 R&D outputs, along with relevant outputs from other horticultural industries, R&D from the private sector and international scientific literature, are available to growers on the AUSVEG InfoVeg website

And a recent review of vegetable industry extension materials identified and reviewed nearly 300 extension resources including facts sheets, ute guides, books, CDs and DVDs, websites and posters: download the review here.

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Event date: 
Friday, June 23, 2017 -
12:00 to 15:30