2018 Horticultural Lighting Conference, Europe

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Thanks to the unique properties of LED lighting and huge advances in our understanding of plant growth and health, it’s now possible to fine-tune lighting systems to boost yield, customise plant characteristics and maintain plant health.

Learn how your agribusiness can benefit from better grow-lighting at the Horticultural Lighting Conference Europe, taking place at the Conference Centre at Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, The Netherlands on 14 and 15 May 2018.

The goal of the HLC is to bring grower and manufacturer sectors together to explore what organisers Lux refer to as “a revolution .... happening in horticulture, a seismic shift that will change fundamentally how we grow plants”.

Representatives of world-leading lighting, indoor growing and ag-related companies including Bayer, Beekenkamp Verpakkingen, BelOrta fruit and vegetables, Coolfarm, FEC Energy, the Greenery, growsave, the Lighting Research Center, Nunhems, Rijk Zwaan, Stockbridge Technology Centre (STC), Wageningn University & Research, and Wijnen Square Crops will be in attendance.

The program

Tuesday’s day-long conference will be divided into three sessions: the Light; the Tools and Techniques; and the Crops. It will be preceded by an official welcome for delegates on the Monday evening and will close with networking drinks.

Session 1: The Light

9am LED source technology for horticulture

Xavier Thomas of Nichia helms this masterclass in LEDs: their properties, spectral output and how the various LED sources compare to traditional lighting technologies. His session will explore how to ‘tune’ specific properties of light, such as spectral output, so as to modify crops’ morphology.

9:30am Reflection, absorption and transmission of electromagnetic radiation by plants

Richard Blakey of Wurth Elektronic will explore plant biochemistry in response to electromagnetic radiation, and looks at how plants’ responses to environmental characteristics such as circadian rhythm, circannual rhythm and competition for light can be used to support plant processes using specific monochromatic light wavelengths.

10am The importance of light distribution in plant growth and yield

Presenter Koen Vangorp, CEO of MechaTronix, will look at how supplemental ‘interlighting’ can redress imbalances resulting from by high planting density and increase year-round productivity, explaining how various wavelengths differentially penetrate the canopy, the effect of diffuse light, and how this can be created with LED specialist modules.

Session 2: The Tools and Techniques

11:15am LED light measurement masterclass

How to measure LED light accurately; the best tools and techniques.

11:45am Pollination and LEDs

Learn how LED lighting impacts the efficiency of flower and fruit pollinators

12:15pm Indoor farms: the sustainable challenges

John Matcham of Fischer Farms discusses special considerations for LED in indoor and vertical farms?

12:45pm Q&A

1pm Lunch, networking and exhibition

2pm Light’s role in controlling pathogens and pests

What role does light play in managing and controlling plant diseases and pathogens?

Crops growing under LED lights: As 90 percent of plant genes are regulated by light you can alter how a plant grows and develops by changing the light spectrum.
Crops growing under LED lights: As 90 percent of plant genes are regulated by light you can alter how a plant grows and develops by changing the light spectrum.

Session 3: The Crops

2:30pm Cereals: Speed breeding with LEDs

Sreya Ghosh of the UK’s John Innes Centre talks about exciting trials in which use of LEDs halved growing times in.

3pm Tomatoes: Getting the right light recipe

Learn about how LED lighting can be optimised to improve yield, flavour, sweetness and vitamin C levels.

4pm Soft fruits: What the research tells us

Willem van Eldik of Delphy shares the findings of LED lighting trials with raspberries, strawberries and blackberries

4:30pm The Internet of Things and horticulture: Viktor Zsellers of Arrow Electronics looks at the necessary technologies for IoT projects, including LED lighting and its control, the communication interfaces between field sensors and environmental systems and cloud data management.

5pm Panel discussion: LEDs – what’s hype, what’s real?

For the full conference program, click here.


Conference organiser Lux claims it attracts “the highest calibre of speakers from across all sectors, delivering cutting-edge insights, sharing new research and case studies, and making big project announcements”.

Keynote speakers at HLC Europe 2018 include Richard Blakey of Würth Elektronik, Sreya Ghosh from the UK’s John Innes Centre; and Mechatronix & Cooling House’s Koen Vangorp.

For more information on confirmed speakers, click here.  To enquire about speaking at the conference, email charlie.ward@luxreview.com.


The host venue for this year’s HLC Europe is the conference centre at Jaarbeurs, a vibrant precinct adjacent to Utrecht’s main railway station and within walking distance of its scenic historical centre. Find it at Beatrixgebouw, Jaarbeursplein 1, 3521 AL Utrecht, Netherlands.

Two hotels, Hotel NH Utrecht and Park Plaza Utrecht, are conveniently located opposite the conference venue.

Registration and further information

To register for the 2018 Horticultural Lighting Conference Europe, click here.

For more information on the Horticultural Lightning Conference, held twice-yearly, once in Europe and once in the US, visit the official event website

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Event date: 
Monday, May 14, 2018 - 19:00 to Tuesday, May 15, 2018 - 18:30


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