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Farm-scale wind power

Farm-scale wind power

Farm-scale wind turbines for electricity generation have broad potential for application in rural Australia. Farmers can take advantage of existing land to install turbines and generate local electricity. The power generated can be used on farm, stored in batteries or sold back to the network.
Published 5th Jun 2014
Solar photovoltaic energy on farm

Solar photovoltaic energy on farm

Solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity generation has wide application in rural Australia. Although the electricity generated by photovoltaic panels is intermittent, PV systems can help reduce electricity consumption from the network and provide other benefits such as reduced demand charges. Standalone systems using batteries or direct loads can also be used to power equipment, such as irrigation pumps, that are far from network connection points. Although solar PV systems can be scaled to provide all the electrical energy a farm requires, return on investment and needs analyses are essential to ensure farmers select systems of the proper type and size.
Published 23rd Jun 2014
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