Yabbie pond
Yabbies, prawns and other small crustaceans grow in large bodies of water, or smaller ponds, like the one in this photo, which is home to a number of yabbies.
NSW Farmers


Energy use in aquaculture is mostly related to running pumps and aerators to circulate water and air. Aquaculturists can realise the greatest savings by maintaining their existing equipment, purchasing the correct sized pumps, and investigating efficient pump technologies, including variable speed drives (VSDs).

Oyster trays
Energy is used to provide air in ponds, and to move oysters and other seafod from the growing location in the water, to an area for grading and transport.
NSW Farmers

Given the relatively continuous nature of energy usage in aquaculture, installation of solar PV to replace or supplement existing energy sources may provide good return on investment.

Yabbies in hand
A yabbie farmer shows off his crop.
NSW Farmers



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