Extensive livestock

Farmers with extensive livestock as their main commodity tend to have relatively low energy demands. Despite this, there are still a number of areas on which to focus, and ways to reduce existing energy costs. One area to investigate is stock and domestic pumping, which is generally very well suited to small, solar-powered pumping.

Solar pump with tank
Solar systems are well suited to stock and domestic pumps, which run regularly. Large storage tanks are essential, as solar pumps can operate during the day, and water can be stored for use overnight or when it is cloudy.
NSW Farmers

Additionally, as with other types of farms, we recommend that you examine your current electrical contract and investigate purchasing discounts.

Sheep in a row
Extensive sheep, cattle and other livestock farms don't use much energy, comparative to other, more intensive farms. However, there are still ways to reduce costs and increase the productivity of your existing energy use.
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