Feedlot operations differ from other types of intensive animal production, as they are less reliant upon energy intensive conditioned farm buildings and facilities. Feedlots that mix their own feed may have high energy expenditures related to feed milling. Upgrading to efficient motors for these mills can help reduce costs.

Feedlot mill
In feedlots, the major energy use centers around mills to grind and prepare feed for the animals. Mills with electric motors may pair with solar photovoltaics to help reduce electricity prices.
NSW Farmers

Farms that combine feedlots with an on-site cropping operation may reduce feed transportation costs, but will seem additional fuel requirements for farm vehicles, such as tractors, sprayers and harvesters. Areas to examine for farm energy savings on feedlots include farm vehicles, pumps for stock and domestic water supply, including solar pumps, motors for milling. Operations with consistent electrical demand, particularly during peak sunshine hours, have the opportunity to invest in solar photovoltaic energy.  


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