Energy Information Papers

Would you like to learn more about solar on farm, how to increase diesel efficiency in tractors,  the connection between water efficiency and energy usage, the ways to reduce energy bill in farm buildings? The NSW Farmers energy advice service includes a suite of information papers covering energy efficiency across various agricultural sectors and topics. Use the links below to navigate to a quick summary of each paper, or click on 'pdf' to download the full version of any individual paper.

Energy Planning 

  1. Farm energy planning (pdf)  
  2. Farm energy planning calculator (pdf)

Energy purchasing 

  1. Purchasing liquid fuels (pdf)  
  2. Effective energy purchasing - Electricity (pdf
  3. Natural gas purchasing (pdf)

Efficient Farm Vehicles

  1. Energy efficiency and farm vehicles (pdf)  
  2. Adaptive driving - the skill factor in fuel efficiency (pdf
  3. Tractor ballasting (pdf
  4. Estimating tractor power needs (pdf
  5. Tractor tyre selection (pdf
  6. Monitoring wheel slip to achieve fuel efficiency (pdf
  7. Purchasing a fuel efficient tractor (pdf
  8. Tyre pressure and fuel efficiency (pdf)

Energy & Irrigation

  1. Saving energy in irrigation (pdf)  
  2. Solar PV pumping systems (pdf
  3. Diesel versus electric pumps (pdf
  4. Oversized pumps waste energy (pdf
  5. Variable speed drives on pumps (pdf
  6. Maintaining pumps saves energy (pdf)

Renewable energy

  1. Renewable energy on farm: overview (pdf)  
  2. Solar photovoltaic energy on farm (pdf
  3. Farm scale wind power (pdf)

Energy in Sheds

  1. Energy efficient farm buildings (pdf)  
  2. Energy efficient cool rooms and refrigeration (pdf
  3. Insulating farm buildings (pdf
  4. Reflective roofs and energy efficiency (pdf
  5. Energy efficient heating in poultry sheds (pdf
  6. Energy efficient poultry shed ventilation (pdf
  7. Refrigeration - variable evaporator fan speed (pdf
  8. Compressed air systems: air leak reduction (pdf
  9. Compressed air: minimising pressure drop (pdf
  10. Advanced controls on grain dryers (pdf
  11. Energy efficient farm lighting (pdf
  12. Energy savings from high efficiency motors (pdf
  13. Power factor correction (pdf
  14. Voltage optimisation units (pdf
  15. Solar hot water (pdf)


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