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According to leading industry body the Australian Organics Recycling Association (AORA), a good supplier of quality recycled organics products should be prepared to:

  • tailor recycled organics products specifically to your needs;
  • be able to produce those customised products consistently;
  • be prepared to supply you with a current analysis of the compost products you’re considering, along with material safety data sheets (MSDS);
  • provide detailed information on the application and use of its products; and
  • encourage you to tour the operation’s facilities and see first-hand how the compost products are processed.

AORA lists the contact details of dozens of suppliers of quality recycled products by state/territory on its Supplier Directory.


AORA lists 16 NSW-based suppliers of recycled organics composts, including local councils and waste-processing operators that deal in RO products.

Amiterre Ag Solutions, based in Moss Vale, distributes its high-grade, humus-rich, fully mature, A4454-compliant soil conditioning products across south-east NSW. The company’s humus, developed according to “stringent biological processes” and subjected to rigorous testing, acts as “a high-grade soil conditioner, [delivering] major and micronutrients in their optimal form directly to plant roots, ensuring optimal healthy growth”, states the company. Its use is readily acceptable in Certified Organic Food production. 02 4786 0306 or

Armidale-Dumaresq Council in Northern NSW is working with local farmers to use composted kitchen scraps and garden waste from Shire residents to improve agricultural soils as part of the statewide City to Soil composting project.
02 6770 3917 or

Australian Native Landscapes, the nation’s largest compost manufacturer, specialises in quality (NASAA and AS-certified) composts, composted mulches and special blends for agricultural and horticultural cropping systems, plus products for landscaping and home garden use. ANL also offers a ‘supply and spread’ service for large and small applications. 13 14 58 or

Biomass Solutions, based at Coffs Harbour on the NSW North Coast, supplies recycled organics products, including compost mixes and mulches and has an onsite composting facility. The company offers pick-up and bulk and ‘boutique’ compost/mulch deliveries and organics waste pickup (for processing) state-wide. 02 6691 8001 or

Carbon Matea fully licenced organic (food and green waste) recycling facility in operation since 2009, turns organic waste into high-quality certified products including composts and mulches for home gardens and commercial crops. Carbon Mate also holds the contracts for beneficial use of biosolids generated from two treatment plants in Wagga Wagga. Carbon Mate has applied recycled organics soil-conditioning products to more than 43,000 hectares on agricultural properties around Wagga Wagga and successfully re-processed 4,000-plus wet tonnes of biosolids using a certified, licensed composting process. 02 6922 3344 or

C&H Organics, a composting business specialising in NSW regional and agricultural waste streams, was established in 2010 by ag industry veteran Craig Hartin to help farmers “feed soils and crops, understand how their soils and plants work, and use practises that promote the maximum development of these [and] that result in a healthy and balanced food”. 0418 667 544 or

Global Renewables uses state-of-the-art technology to produce high-grade compost mixes and mulches for specific uses including agricultural, distributing throughout NSW. 02 9677 3120.

JR Richards & Sons, based in Tuncurry, NSW, specialises in liquid waste recovery, including grease-trap cleanouts, and reprocessing.
02 6539 7093 or

Landtasia Organic Farms operates a licenced composting facility producing high-quality, humus-rich compost for farmers and vegetable growers as well as home gardeners. Landtasia’s compost is registered as an allowable input in certified organic farming. You can buy it by the truck or trailer load, or by the bag.
0408 431 334 or

Mara Seeds Pty Ltd, near Casino in Northern NSW, has been involved in producing, processing and marketing organic products for 50 years, branching into compost production and supply in the mid-1990s after management noticed the diminishing returns and increased financial and health costs of applying artificial fertiliser and chemicals to crops. Its composting facility produces organic composts and biological tea products for use onsite and for commercial sale. Both product lines have yielded very positive results in a number of vegetable and cropping programs. 02 6664 5145 or

North West Recycling Centre provides what it calls “a 360-degree specialist recycling solution for green-waste products, with a depot operating from Riverstone to recover green-waste material from commercial gardeners and landscapers, horticulturalists, agriculturalists, local councils and those involved in civil works. All this organic matter undergoes a 10- to 12-week process during which 100 percent of the material is recycled and converted into compost, organic soil conditioner and mulch products.
02 6539 7093 or

REMONDIS Australia Pty Ltd, a division of the global environmental resource recovery and waste management corporation, has waste collection, recycling and reprocessing facilities nationwide, converting kerbside organics and biosolids to valuable compost products, available across Australia. 02 6585 0899 or

Resource Recovery Management (RRM) Pty Ltd is dedicated to organic waste recovery and recycling in an environmentally sustainable manner. For more than 15 years, RRM has specialised in the development of in-vessel and open windrow-composting systems for kerbside-collected organic green (garden) and food waste and biosolids. The company offers consultancy and management services to organic waste generators and processors for solid and liquid waste streams, and distributes biosolids across NSW and South-East Queensland. 02 4572 2011 or

SUEZ (previously SITA) Organics is one of Australia’s biggest processors of urban-generated organics, with state-of-the-art facilities for the manufacture of high-quality recycled soil blends and tailored composted products “manufactured to the needs of the soil system to which they are applied”. SUEZ supplies home gardeners and local councils as well as clients in commercial horticulture, agriculture, landscaping, sports turf management and more. 13 13 35 or

SOILCO supplies general-purpose and specific soil mixes; organic mulches; and recycled organic composts in its GO (Garden Organics) range, for residential, commercial, agricultural and environmental applications across NSW. All are certified to the relevant Australian Standards and, SOILCO claims, are “environmentally friendly, safe, effective and innovative”. 1300 254 443 or

Ylad Living Soils, established in 2002, produces and supplies an extensive range of high-quality biological, organic and humus compost fertility products and programs that “support the natural balance of the physical, chemical and biological aspects of the soil, lessening the reliance on conventional chemical fertiliser inputs”. The company has garnered a reputation as a leader in agronomic advice for natural farming systems, and runs a model biological/humus farm, Milgadara, and environmental educational programs for farmers transitioning from industrial to biological agriculture. 02 6382 2165 or

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