Arcadian Organic: working with premium livestock producers to maximise returns

Australia's Arcadian Organic & Natural Meat Co believes in working with best-practice livestock farmers to build a sustainable, profitable future for organic red-meat production and for participating producers' family farming businesses.

Alister Ferguson, CEO and Director of Arcadian Organic (formerly of Sanger Australia), and Peter Gall, Arcadian's Livestock Manager and a Director of Australian Certified Organic (ACO), co-founded The Organic Meat Company in 2005, processing 66 head of cattle a week, and "grew the company from there". 

In 2012 The Organic Meat Company was integrated with Arcadian Organic & Natural Meat, which became Australia’s largest organic meat processor, turning out tailored cuts of certified-organic beef and lamb destined for high-end markets around Australia and the world. 


Arcadian Organic's all-natural, certified-organic Aussie beef.
Arcadian Organic's all-natural, certified-organic Aussie beef, destined for premium markets around the world.
Arcadian Organic & Natural Meat Co

Each week, Arcadian’s Toowoomba, Queensland facility processes more than 500 head of cattle and 1,000 lambs, the majority of it destined for exported to various countries, including the US and China. The company also helps streamline producers’ paths to export via sales and marketing support.


Here, Ferguson and Gall talk about how they help livestock producers maximise returns and cater to the needs of discerning customers – and share some of the secrets of their success.

Direct Beef Export to China


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