Australian-made farm utility vehicle

Australian vehicle manufacturer Tomcar has produced an all-terrain vehicle pitched at the needs of Australian farmers. AgInnovators has not seen independent tests but, on paper, it looks like it could be safer, tougher and generally more useful than many conventional farm vehicles.

The format draws on features from dirt bikes, ATVs (quads), UTVs (side-by-sides) and larger utes and SUVs, and can carry loads of up to 650 kilograms and tow up to 1500kg. It has a low centre of gravity; adjustable, double coil-spring, four-wheel independent suspension; and other features designed to accommodate difficult terrain.

A Tomcar TM2
A Tomcar TM2 mustering on a sheep station near Ararat in Victoria. The country is very rough volcanic country, and the station had been using Polaris Rangers for many years, but the cost of maintenance just got too much. Now they use Tomcars and reportedly have almost no breakages and low maintenance costs.

Recognising that farmers typically service their own vehicles, the design features simple mechanics and accessible componentry. The Tom Car factory is in Melbourne with dealers and representatives based in all States. Remarkably, Tomcar promises to supply any part within 24 hours. 

We like the idea of getting behind Australian-designed, locally made products and are keen to hear from farmers using these machines in the field. Please let us know if you have experience with this vehicle. Check it out at

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