Product innovation in horticulture: InfoVeg podcast

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In this information-packed Product Innovation podcast from AUSVEG's InfoVeg Radio, first aired in September 2017, researchers and growers talk about value-adding innovations in horticulture including new product and packaging solutions, post-harvest technology and management, branding and marketing solutions.

Tips from the podcast

  • “Growers should remain on top of trends” – especially global trends, such as pre-packaging fruit and vegetables for consumer convenience.
  • Keep in mind consumer attitudes and perceptions, such as the growing interest in products’ nutritional content and green credentials, and the ‘war on waste’.
  • Don’t over-package produce, but neither should you ignore packaging: not only is it useful for delivering information and adding to a product’s aesthetic appeal; it helps protect produce from damage, helps it retain water content and freshness, and extends its shelf life.
  • Consider investing in post-harvest technology: it can save time, cut labour costs, and help ensure your produce reaches the consumer faster, in a fresh and undamaged state. One example discussed is SmartFresh, an alternate treatment that eliminates the need for ice-packing vegetables in transit by haltin browning or yellowing in vegies such as broccoli.

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