Record-breaking season for SproutX

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With 19 investments in ag-tech start-ups in less than one year, Melbourne-based SproutX is now the most active ag-tech investor on the planet.

Find out more about some of the accelerator’s new crop of start-up teams below.

The 2018 SproutX accelerator cohort


Australia-based IoT business AgMesh is developing a digitised tool for monitoring feed conversion in paddocks and pastures to help livestock producers better manage grazing to make productivity gains. The company also develops low-cost, easy-to-install, long-battery-life IoT sensor systems for various uses on-farm, including water-use monitoring.

Checkpoint Tools

This start-up's goal is to provide prompt, accurate advice on biosecurity issues. Checkpoint Tools connects primary producers (and others) with biosecurity experts, who give reputable answers to questions and/or images posted. It aims to become “the world encyclopedia for biosecurity”, says SproutX.

Edible Bug Shop

This pioneering company is the largest manufacturer and supplier of insect protein in Australia. The business is based on unique insect-farming technology. 


An integrated vineyard-management platform, EnviroEye provides a unified view of vineyards, yielding real-time information viniculturalists can use to better monitor, manage and plan key vineyard operations. EnviroEye takes all that vineyard information and stores it one place, making it accessible through a single, integrated platform, known as vinehub.

Fresh Supply Co.

Fresh Supply Co. is about providing affordable blockchain applications for ag producers, enabling them to build secure traceability into their supply chains that they can use as proof of provenance to boost their brands.

Off the Table

Using apps and multi-language platforms, Off the Table aims to help regional festival organisers market their events year-round. 


This clever tractor tool deploys farmers’ smartphones or other connected devices to help ordinary tractors carry out various farm tasks with greater precision, optimising inputs and maximising yields. In this way, Platfarm “enables all tractors to be smarter”, says SproutX.

Zero Harm Farm

The goal of Zero Harm Farm is to provide “simple, mobile, paperless” workplace health and safety (WHS) management tools for agribusinesses, cutting the time and cost that’s typically associated with paper-borne compliance.

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