Sense-T (University of Tasmania)

Sense-T, based at the University of Tasmania, is harnessing the power of big data to help industry, government, communities and individuals become more efficient, competitive and sustainable. To this end, it is creating the world’s first economy-wide sensor network, combining real-time sensor data with historical and spatial data to generate a digital snapshot of the state that allows the analysis of complex interrelationships across the economy.

Starting with food production, Sense-T will develop an extensive database that includes other industries and paints a broad economic picture. The knowledge and technology generated in the process will facilitate resource management and the development of more sustainable approaches, trialling and scaling with the aid of Sense-T tools.

Sense-T is a partnership program between University of Tasmania, the Tasmanian Government, CSIRO and IBM, with additional funding from the Australian Government. Sense-T data and services are shared resources available to government, researchers, communities and businesses. The organisation is committed to respecting privacy and is transparent about data use.

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